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Demons of the dune vs. victorianism Pt3 (EN)

All that creates activism. But it is possible to preclude the following… All these mayan artifacts mean is: render unto men. Of course, with any domination done by men it starts exactly here, and they misuse these benefits or advantages with which they can render these things. With socialism it is the same. They say capitalism is bad and therefore, „listen to us only“. They take authority from that and build from there everything babylonic up. There is an imperative in them. And in public schools, the same is imperated and yet never manifests in something solid. That is an easy trick. The men, then of course together, „render unto“ themselves only and profit in multitude thereby multiforce-inepts, while taking advantage easily from the methods evil is not very known for, but repeats itself always in that itselves. Marxists of course, somewhere inbetween rest there as these false prophets or something. Many of that is living life for free, like going in the cold outsides in winter, and people return home, and are sick in the same manner „inbetween“, as the number of people, getting sick of that. Theologians don’t disclose, that these artifacts mean „dagon“ and dagon is therefore the black mother, or something. All the other people start their life in the economy with this base running, where the authority is taken already. But it is often, that life is lived for free and the flat-rate is the darkness living in this.

The flat-rate or in german „blaming things pauschal“, as an „Pauschalangebot“, is often misinterpreted because of teachers preaching there, while the price-fixing mechanisms further make advantage possible and contracting of the offering available, called „that“. That is the reason women cry very often, to disclose first, that as „price-control“ and using it that sort of. These flat-rates can’t be created anymore that are called „pauschal“ due to this only, that there are price-controls. It is the same easy and since these groups already after decades became adult, that make these tricks, they are called strategies, socialist strategies. But all these advantages and profits, are in truth negative. They are disadvantages, unprofitable. Many people don’t know, that darkness hides there inbetween, and they don’t see the disadvantages coming from groups hiding behind the term „overall-studies“, even torture. Many things are unprofitable, that are made on this base, called „overall-studies“, and security always seems a sort of chimaera always living there as that economical possibility capitalism could reach without marxists existing. They don’t know, that it is a preview of capitalism and a dominating example against socialism and that what they want to render unto. With enough misuse, they can render not only unto, but upon, onto and much more, even „open“, like a chimaera of free markets, in championship or something. These people don’t know anything about economics. Their topics always move in spheres of other sciences while claiming, they are economists. For example, like eating meals without praying beforehands, like animals. All of that makes activism, no matter if that is precluded or not. That what is used to preclude that, is creating monopolies that are dangerous in certain decades, and also by benefits others receive, such as welfare, hate against capitalists, by the process of keeping secret and many lobbiests using that. They want that secrecy and they call themselves unions. Easy, to hide that behind all of that, was already made an interlock between certain actors. The hate against capitalism is living despite the price-controls and the instant it is communicated, is always at the evening the best. No matter, what kind of communication is used – may it be writing or speech. Often, outlandish tabloids for industry, are concerns that are acting against eachother and one creates something outrageous, that others pinpoint to, and then suddenly, another shows a beautiful capitalist woman on the front of a magazine, while the outrageous was a soccer superstar beheaded or something like that. That is not creating a better situation for capitalism. It only seems good, but is part of stagnation in truth. And inbetween they make that strategy, while the new tabloid did not create that front magazine with the woman, they do different stuff against individuals, working with gangsters of the state even. The state started acting in that darkness often by unsound tricks helping the competitors there or someone, by certain static pressure against ownership, in a tactic against anarchism. Everything was made against capitalism.

There seem to be many actors (which are price-controllers) of the state, against having ideas about old monuments that were made for angels before big battles fought or rather remembered against the idea of banks existing, that stand in Germany. It seems since to hold a view that to research it, that is a great idea, against many people at once, with the Leviathan and at the same, only, the very first thing existing, their builders or architects, predecessors, created them with magnitude or magical tricks, and that is together with people not knowing much about preference, how it is anatomical-even and that based in art too or religion, an interesting offer for the individual, they can overview by buerocracy easily, „to live life“ as an individual, searching luck, against that evil. Totalitarianists of course help these price-fixers, price-control and manipulate the market, statists that are against everything, by a logical method, the individual makes on its own, without manufacturing it, by mind solely. It is not funny and it is misused by them too as a backdoor the absolute, ultimate secret sorcery against the individual is made by the Leviathan unto. Dogmaticism is like parasite-made and their utilitarianism too. Good people talk about dogmatism and want sisiphean work at all places existing without exception done on the individual, while dogmatism does not even exist, since it needs the individual as a prerequisite existing too. The state does not like that, that as knowledge, since it is a monopolist, and wants to monopolise identity-making too, which hides behind that, together with occultism namely. It does not want the individual equipped with special ideas, but prefers then, to destroy the horizon of the ideas, in mind of the individual it wants to do that onto. It wants to aggress in order so as to – contract that horizon to a simple measurement, until the individual is sampled. And that sampling is supported. No matter what image is rendered thereby, democracy is in truth the overall-rendering done anyway. And nobody discloses, in truth, that holding of that idea with preference – the pinky finger used to choose products, and at the same instance, the special muscle in the forearm, is leading to special thought, additional to that, and using that outside where no preference shall be used, is choosing too much they think, since they are monopolist, and all together is the reason with them, for torture existing, since the pinky finger, lifted, leads to special thought everywhere else and they operate against that. The overall-verdict is unimportant. It shall be the consumer-verdict only, and it does not fit into what they want always – an order of the mind – rightly called by van Mises – socialism. In general it is not yet that, with their tight grip on producing the currency out of thin air. They are ideas that get critisized of things, by people that are a multitude in democracy and when they are done by the monopolist – they are accepted blindfolded, encouraged – even by some „greater being“ which does not exist of course and needs further elaborating by the places they get sent to. In music for example the popular tale of the christian priestess that gets always damaged in some way by secret plans or something, is the only thing that has a pinpointing to actual things how they are remaining economically. Some female entity remains they always destroy, and that is never the state – but is more sensible than that. „The economy“ rather or „certain soundness“ perhaps. Instead of receiving the economical security, in the place of that, people are sending it rather to some entity – called – the state. And it is each time they do that and have a chance to receive it. It is a strong hold with which that scepter is held. To actually alleviate the insecurities created further, the state would need to stop receiving these sums each instance it is misused. People are beasts that are suddenly in the tradition of the individual. Others, that may misuse might, don’t respect the limits and the different ways of thought, which are meta-ways, and better, than real ways, even in literature. They are real and physical in socialism and that is the problem. There seems to be – envy. It is unmanagable and the reason why preference is monopolised, since there – needs to be always not a remedy – but someone – who profits less.

But there is no security by the state from these things, that by almost randomness, summon against security (ownership). Things can be only alleviated by saving precious leet. Someone doing that very fastly sees and hears, that the world is full of lies. Neither fiat-currency that is by these price-controllers advertised as an easy outcome is more suitable there, nor more criminality avoided by the number of people wishing for envy to vanish as the only source. What the individual does by doing that, is to secure its own self, against the Leviathan and replaces the state as a giver of security or justice, alleviating its constructed lies. But it is more likely, to die a horrible death in the hands of the groups, who also torture, as older versions of that, than to meet someone, who teaches that, and than to have freedom to actually operate in that manner without being even once damaged by democracy. Everywhere there are groups who want to be kept secret. They can have envy too, and unite later. It is more likely that all of that happens first in that domain offered by democracy for free thought, than is accepted, and more likely it is – to be segmented and categorized. Things that are tried fit better into things that were built by them. Corporativism is prefered by them rather than new ideas accepted, with war being a constant strong hold of that, delivering an outline or architecture for others to orient on always. But this is not real economics so far as i know it and even what i describe is much too far-fetched in intelligence, which is 2/3 more than they use and are using envy of course by default. This is rather where firms show contenance and at the same instant, where they begin to produce their products by holding back. Firms are different than men in that. They, when they hold back, are always at producing something. Every firm is only made of contenance, and follows for example Freiherr von Knigge in that. It is NOT the gentlemen, who follow him. Contenance and being without affection at all instants. Only if they have bad economical situation, they begin being somewhat emotional. This is what the people don’t see.

By making the horizon of ideas thin, and rotating the picture, they can make everything with an individual, by making demand greater, for example – supply vanish, or other pictures of reality where supply gets wished less for example. And the things summoning from that are held up by the prices existing then of all private goods, and all firms have to correspond to that. Each instance it is a line they make by making the horizon thin of an individual. Activism is the same mistake with triangular interventionism done by statists.

The effect of imposing general price maximae for example is that there is never enough quantity of currency and due to the higher demand on supply, that means that automatically there is created poverty where some persons have it, and there is no easy outcome for them out of that. It is against cultivatedness and it corresponds to how these statists behave. Therefore, to make less people live in poverty, there have these statists to vanish and become employed or leave somewhere else simply, and the totalitarianists too, with less state, much less than now. Also, less people, that torture. To not have more preference, and be able to lift the finger and choose products, is to have more stagnation. Nobody can repair the damage done by that kind of stagnation and return life to the consumers. It is because the person who happens to be in that situation, perhaps already chose so often, so many things, that it was driven into stagnation by that. But with statists it is different. They cost a lot, because they do that on all sorts of situations and force that outcome. They cost much much more therefore and getting rid of that would be excellent. Darkness can be so tight, that it can be held by hand. As can be seen by the impossibility of the artifacts in Maya, that can’t be grasped by hand, without destroying their integrity and underlieing secrets, there exists a group called „historicists“ that is visible by that. Where there are multiple interests in multiple countries, an individual is labeled or categorized by two different viewpoints, not really still. There remains an individual looking at things from „outsides“. The same rings true, for demons. They seem to be musical and active by that token, first, and then do, what they please or want, first doing the musical attention thing. If a whole city is burned down in war, they are way too much existing in reality there, and were able, to do their thing uncontrolled thereby. Therefore war is something against cultivatedness. With state clerks led astray by activism it is the same as with the consumer. The provision thing really works with them. They can be tested on base of provisions and still there is an overwatch done by some ugly elite. They circumvent the hoppean vision of leaving and closing down the reign forever by building compromise-architecture for the poor, instead of getting employed by a real firm. They could work in places that are like that where they dwell, but better, more effective and competitive, and even like nations. Even the depictions of angels at the entrance of big churches, are inspired somehow on the greeks, and the myth of heracles, instead of being the real purity in imagination of the individual. It is the poor individual, that does not know that and renders the things automatically „unto caesar“. They have that might, that it needs to be questionned in that sort of etymological mixture. It is still very likely, they will question that by asking, if it is an etymological mixture at all first and return to their orders still. But they can’t rest in peace if they do such. It is known. Only sophists question it.

All that these mayan artifacts such as Teotihuacan attribute to, is the mechanism human, that is in truth empty, when somebody claims something, or demands something. And that was researched throughout millennia, and remained empty, in economics too, and without content. Others told myths about that and safeguarded that mistery by force with blunts. From that came the first policemen probably, but they still exist probably. But it is also the root of the evil number from the bible and humans remain rather artifacts and forceless about that, if somebody keeps it secret against them. There is however, besides that religious part, that demand-mechanism in it and it is empty however one wants. There can be, such as in music misterious combinations of harmonies, that make misterious connections, possible the utilisation of that knowledge or wisdom, in economics. There are helpful tokens in scripture that describe, that there lived women, in dark temples, and served rulers that were not very fond of behaving well toward them, and they were alone at night probably often. They were individual women that needed help of logicians that never helped them. Today, these serve as a model of innocence, to be tortured by the state, based on the idea of the mythical „law of the land“, massive theft by social democrats insteads. Poetry could be found at that place. Unsoundness could be found. There is however praxeology. For example, when someone reads literature, there is a common pattern of stopping to read at some instant, and that notion of praxeology can be used to continue writing more. But if due to my talents, i am the one requesting everything as an individual at first, from everyone else or everything, that is the only prerequisite of soundness and logic. These things often are neglected or not existing in the behaviour of others, that safeguard the state. Such as i demand something, the notion that others exist that do that by default in the economy, helps understand only, but is not the explanation for why it is connected to economics or requesting something – since demand and request are not the same indeed. But others act that way everywhere in an economy and social democrats claim, they can fight criminality by taxation or theft, while it is rather created by that harmony in non-socialistic countries, which are plagued therefore by socialist forces from outsiders (architects of infrastructure, policemen and so forth too). Many people behave so in an economy, being nondiscriminated by anyone in an economy and the market helps them buy everything they want in soundness and friendliness towards them, while they don’t account for that, and don’t safeguard it. The places upbuilt however, that are more corrupt and create that criminality rather, are corporative, or versions of the market with a notion of limiting it constantly, while they are designed concern-like. That is where criminality summons at night in non-socialistic countries. In bright daylight however, they can be somewhere else, and it is more probable, that the people concerned by that mode of living, rather, are the reason for the criminality, which is at different places too almost. There is a lot of reluctance to teach others, that there is a lot of relativism. That is part of the massive theft they do, and the corporativism included by them in keeping that running. What can be more living life for free, than that? And they weave myths about that, starting with the notion of being good, then telling there will be something that is hidden, and then even adding on top of that, that the notion of being good, is truth, and that they don’t weave myths at all above the clouds. In truth, what they leave is stagnation, and futile emptiness only for everyone believing in them, while the others are misled thinking, they are friendly. But it is not base of making theft. It is theft. The tensely expecting hands while reading or resting the hands in midair of women working there above the clouds, ignore that the men make without base of deaths, and stagnation and torture done on innocents, wars based on banking and are not telling the truth, that it is all theft together with the behavior there, that starts that ignorance based on the women, which already by that lie about myth-weaving and the evil misteries behind the theft, that is main. They lie about empty attempts of socialism happening in non-socialistic countries, such as in Germany, while leaving Switzerland and the USA uncommented while the men that work there too, use that, to make the massive theft, probably based on corporativism, where the witnesses at important hearings, are simply bought by currency, and programmed, to look ignorant in instant. There can be no other important example of where socialism happens in non-socialistic countries and why the places criminality summons, have that limiting quality. They inherit it from these purchases.