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Demons of the dune vs. victorianism Pt2 (EN)

Religious things, and synagogues too, are something different in capitalism. They are understood as phenomenons belonging to the individual, and only one individual, that perhaps does not want to be a consumer anymore or something. But synagogues still are different than religion in it there, that they signify something more dark. Everybody will not understand me, but some businessmen perhaps will. Perhaps he will understand, that framebuffers are not buffers at all, but a collection of state, a list of attachments to the state, a state, that not even becomes real by mapping textures, a state which is not existing, but enables mapping textures by attaching them to that framebuffer. Starting with one texture. Hans Hoppe writes, the state does not make „rules“ and „orders“, yet destroys them constantly. In reality, a state is a list of attachments too, and everything is virtual with it. Every individual is all alone in doing that work, against evil, and it is not always possible to always act, with state welfare, which makes the individuals certainly, more evil, since there is something needed to be done. Welfare should be provided intrafamiliar, by families – not by state. But they are evil and sold themselves to the banks, to be evil over generations, with their own master wanting that evil, and the banks, everywhere, they were able to do that, it was too late for individual decisions. They were chosen by evil as bogus rulers, and torturers are the state version of that indecision and loss of responsibility, and there were banks created by these monsters already, to support their master in that, in choosing them. People can’t react, it is generally acknowledged, because all are in the same boat. But it is socialism, that emulates there for them the handicap-bonus, by being the still missing layer in understanding the others situation, and then by having a symbol, by making them think about it, take another dimension and become monsters. People can take a turn too, just like personal health can too. It is not positive what they turn to and how they don’t learn and try to take a metaphorical loan in a curse of babylon, each and everywhere against economists. Torture is about leaving old technologies with a spell too, old users perhaps used them that now have that evil in life to fight with, and it is sad that they don’t use it anymore, as if it waits for them. All the victims of torture are called goats by the oligarchs at the state they know they use them and are ineffective and used as them too in past and all depends on their statements they deliver, that can be random.

There are groups so many that want to have random access even though it is only an elitary access for certain buffers even in programming, taught, and it fits not to most of people and individually especially. Since in, torturers have a handicap-bonus, shops they always worked at the very top, at customer service, repairing tech with products turning for a certain duration to joint property… And in shops were these floors higher even position, than the church top almost by empathy. It is unfair. Since in isolated production, the sharing of consumer goods and production goods are the same, and people tend to be shocked time into fear situations that coerces them into isolated production, as if they were firms, while the monsters responsible for that, lie about that and try to label them further by product names. Because random access is elitary even in programming. Customers that were positively surprised, that they always were treated bad, were able to leave treated very well all of a sudden, even if they wanted a certain product that was not available at all at that instant. Joint property cannot abolish ownership in consumption goods. It can only distribute ownership in a way which would not otherwise have existed. Says Mises. Just since they were finding their path to the top everything was viable and innocence was generated by these workers masterminded by them too against people they don’t even know. If you get rewarded, why is it important for these people, that things get nonviable in other places, by turning everything to common property? It is a place of egalitarianism undiscussed too. But the theory remains teachable by that, that someone who gets rewarded, sees things from a different perspective, than the gentlemen, who think about viable or nonviable. Women don’t get augmented by that, in individual case, but double-diminuated. Their intention to be feminist, comes earlier, than the concept being needed, which already augmented them and made them fear. The double-diminuation still happens against individualism. That is why the bank is a very bad concept, because it abuses everyone. All people, not only women, can use an alert by the state as a premise, to cut the individual freedoms of someone. State clerks are not fit to rule or make rules, but they are cool and against the Romanows. They always wait on someone who can be a dictator. There is only silence about the true nature of not teaching people about economics, who really is put into damage by that, when he is not anticapitalist, but good to the market and does abstain from returning products, but is damaged because the purchase was made wrong and it repeats itself, with small sums. The simple people, that purchase something and then accept it saying it was a wrong purchase merely, make these wrong purchases constantly, at the same amount, and it always cuts deep into justice by being unjust. The colorfulness that should be only in product purchases, gets translated into real life, playing a really evil role, in creating a danger towards the individual, by democracy and its people.

That is with all conflicts arising against finding the truth about torture. The failure is in buerocracy. Already now people should take the bible and try to find it. Very soon they will get the feeling, that something is not right, and the criminality is not in the tortured. Murderers of young girls make feelings such as this. But anyway, the conflicts but anyway, they seem to be based not on social contracts, but on the inner sanctum, things get restricted in case of joint property, where other things get used by that, into account by that, through the restrictions. People are already clashing since they mix private goods with consumer goods of lasting quality, where they apply to these things the defining characteristic of ownership in case of consumer goods of lasting quality. The individual however, gets left for dead proper. It is forgotten constantly and left unrewarded. The groups of people, naturalists or industrialists, they get rewarded a lot. And the evil groups belonging to them, get subventionized, that want to mix truth there for people, by teaching them, that used up things have to not be taught, but instead, the things into account must be taken. People just have to accept that it is that outcome with them always and the market, where they are fit in it as consumer. They have no other outcome – since they in group always default on something and leave, even if it is bad, to restart their life or something romantically cheaper. They fit leave with that acceptance of evil, and try to start afresh at a new dawn (start of a new dawn), where things „get better“, according to some historicists. The same happens in old mayanic periods, where they have to accept it. That is evil impersonated, not sound economics. And it is not introduced by the innocents that get tortured, but by the state, where all the people work, that try to coerce acceptance for old breaktroughs in monopolisation against sound economics.

When there are protests somewhere, at christmas eve, the journalists steadyfast write, that it is against the salaries of the people. It is against the statutes of the people they made against state intervention, not salaries of the state clerks, and a protest of them that they do to get more tax payer currency. These conflicts are made because the christmas season clashed with the events at a new season that follows it later and re-awaits it and nobody understands that or discloses that. They are directors, that they could be against that. Someone from the austrian school wrote, that there is not something more cruel, than the socialist uniforms for pupils, as a trick the socialists use. It is true. Because if the directors put an eye on a subject, they imagine the uniforms it will use formally over the full life. It is the whole life of the person that gets weighed down on one side of the weight, against the individual, that considers them. These weights are also called scales. Socialism is bad for business. Everywhere i saw it, i never returned to the shops that i once visited frequently, even if i wished to not leave them alone.

But leaving it so as it is, it is understood too, that the victims of torture, something has to happen against them being held hostage, and then it is ok, even if it is still against the hapless tax payer or their salary. Even there it should be FOR the salary. History is not against torture, as is shown by that, and being against torture is the same as being good to the state in that. But i wonder why the people do not critisize the state for such. Even the most correct looking with understanding, as state-of-the-art models of good behavior, citizens, are slower than the consumer and can’t be used as a model to teach others how to behave. They could be consumers a day earlier and still nobody sees that, that they could be without toil, now, since yesterday, they were spending a lot more than a normal consumer for example, since they are with the state. The anarchists are right, claiming, socialism leads to stagnation and a halt. There summon in no matter how scientifically high, circles, these specialists. It is only one specialist always. And it is a special circle somehow. But it is clear, that everything is gone, and is halted, the moment all listen to that specialist or not, but independent of him, simply based on everything being inspired on that, namely. Just like in a synagogue. And all the people beforehands being helpful, vanish, since they are not talented anymore. Most people are still seduced by a vision of socialism, since their enigmatic heroes, they see suddenly, are without grammatics. They remain remembering others in the past, who are accustomed to be led astray by sin, and who live in historicism that makes them the illusion of acting good, since it is a very short interval, the synagogue manipulating them acts in another domain of counting, thinking, they act good. But it is agreed upon by people, generally, that they get led astray from then only, in shape of others, who then get led astray to that sin, in future, by socialism, or by an event earlier happening, such as, being led astray by wrong grammatics. But the innocent led astray by the others is always paying the price for the bad behavior of others. That is how socialism spreads. It is clear, that they are against a good school, since there is a special circle, and everything is halted, since there is not an inspiring capitalistic venture going on anywhere based on that, that has many logos and a lot of products, and the topics they make are only part of socialist strategy. State clerks that hunt anarchists are a group against Albrecht Dürer. People complain against capitalism because they are fearing that other people become ultrasmooth. A group of people doing that is already a group doing unsoundness. Individuals led astray by the smooth (not yet ultrasmooth) names of that individual summoning in scientific groups, which is always remembered by the nickname that sounds almost angelic and starts with an „A“ and is a nickname, they think capitalism is bad since they remember the experience they had being 3 years old, where everyone still cared for them. That makes me think, that perhaps, the support domain was damaged by a complaint domain, policy for example introduced in mass, coming from import industrial zones. Policy that was made perhaps baked scientifically. They know it is easy, for capitalists, to use women as consumers, to sell them something, by selling them a whole new domain, like in big shops, where they can get not only a dress, but also do regular shopping of food, that makes them an inner feeling and creates a vertexed path they can go to shop other stuff with more ambition then and to not make them part of that discussion later and warp their true ambition. While it is not their ambition. A sect with the Artemis, people call globalists, raises people to neo-conservatives, against conspiracy-theories that react to everything by the theory „the people that to hell want to go“…

In a domain of cultivatedness, people looking outside the window of their flat, would see these buildings where capitalistic families live. And the state does not want them to see that, but for them to live further there as consumers without knowledge. The purchasing power of currency, is directly proportional to wellbeing towards the other gender. „The positive effects of public goods for people who do not contribute anything to their production or financing proves that these goods are desirable. But evidently they would not be produced, or at least not in sufficient quantity and quality, in a free, competitive market, since not all of those who would profit from their production would also contribute financially to make the production possible.“ and now the monstrosity of power against science and freedom:“In order to produce these goods (which are evidently desirable, but would not be produced otherwise), the state must jump in and assist in their production.“ All these murderers of offspring and pressurisers of capitalistic harmony in private, use that trick with the second paragraph. This is against freedom and science. When people are successful their valuable profits become assets.

With inflation, in our decade, the person can behave like these women that have assets, while having nothing, and the state has doubled its guilt. The reign of the state is defined as that, which exists, by inefficiency, since between the sender and the receiver there is an agreement and both are definitively there, the sender, and the one that can get the thing that is sent, and the state has the ambition, to do nothing there. The state is nothing more. The state is a consumer trap. And by being against these assets, and handling the balancing not well, in free trade, as if „free trade“ were a game, a championship, with a mode like king of the hill, or even, deathmatch, where foreigners are considered, it takes from the capitalists away the incentive, and makes stagnation out of them then, which is injust against the consumer, who can get that all very cheap else and in new versions with many incentives existing, to be untouched by the state, at capitalists. The luciferianists (keynesianists) all are secret profiteerers that are that concentrated on their body shape and drive around the centers of the big cities as statists. They are massive murderers of kids with a massive toil that use these tricks and others, to make marxist tactics against assets, that means: capitalists that already collected so many profit, that these profits, became single assets. They do that by taxation unfairplay, or unifiably mainly, since that destroys the incentive of future production for these capitalists. And when there are at least two marxists together, the third one they coerce, that helps them do tacticism for Marx, against firms, is probably coerced earlier, as a minority, they like to torture. Instead of critizing, which is far ahead of them, how these assets are treated and dirtified by taxation, they use the easy road, of being with the state. Persons think assets belong to some sort of banking, and therefore start to think, there is a lot of chaos in that domain, with a lot of envy or something like that. There is no reason now anymore, to accept further tyranny on your kids from groups that can claim, they have to use an alibi. Assets are part of the market, and belong purely to capitalists, after their profits became warped from being valuable to another stage. Would the state taxate the people massively, they would have to live from hand to mouth again, and state wants to reach that. Nintendo was 20 years earlier than me in my family with their products, than i became aware of that warping. They became part of human action. Distrust is of course generated by one person knowing the deep meaning of the states definition, which is, purely financial. It is not only, namely, waiting on the two parties, to send or receive, and be somewhere, but also making sure metaphorically, the receiver has paid. If one person does not know that, it can still see through the actions of bad actors, who keep that secret eventually or not. The deeper definition however is the standard mode and it is creating insecurity for the individual while being all alone in the market without friends. If capitalism is a friend, that is something different, but the shortfalls of poverty make it even worse for people. If both know the deep definition (that the state is only financially active), things are only metaphorically in thoughts seen by everyone, as they really are and shall be too. The state does not help at all there, making chaos there, how it drives into the thought domain there, especially since much of that is still leninism, anticapitalism, socialism and corporativism that misuses that. People don’t help that make a blockade to the thought domain available only from monarchical decades, that still are used by other entities, and monopolised appearently against the individual there, while evil can continue there, especially proven by the definition of consumption.

The other offspring, the democratic friends, can’t anymore learn to become excellent in own privacy for competition against the others. Literature gets taken down in importance and everything becomes not discussed. Firms are not blasted by the behavior of the leninists. The leninists work for the Marxists and claim there is a psyche while programming the depression, by cultivated music earlier, and then catching these persons studying it, while keeping silent about the magnitude of all of that, how many marxist sects with how many difference there are, and who does then later euthanize these innocent capitalists or rentiers. Democracy is inferior, and bad for capitalism. But only in grammatics. If the individual thinks it is bad, and a social order, it sees something in an instant: Historyans are too easy as enemy for certain authors of reviews. Historyans seem complex to others since they are based on that twist what was made simple for all to deliver, that nobody care. Democracy is bad, in marketing only too, but still it is because of this only bad for capitalism, and it is better for capitalism, to render it bad rather. Else, someone that has this knowledge that he can write something for different groups, under „all“, and it is easy, if what he earlier wrote somewhere else, suddenly is still sound and nobody can see, that his forces are inherited, historicists are feared by offspring and historicists sense that in them and hunt them by state, worse then, and nobody can change nothing on democracy. Especially starting from judgment. Everybody would agree these things are not at all bad for capitalism, that are this. But they are not „that“ yet? The most important texts can be understood by that mistake. Texts that were remembered from someone too often, that had not a good economical situation and yet was lucid, or the own offspring even, since these addons are all based on opinion, deduced from optionality and then added to it, option, these additions that get crushed by that, whoever thinks that. And on that is visible in most marketing-spreadsheets where people still believe in unions even that are the most modern. The own offspring can be damaged by democracy by this. The people are dumb. They believe all of that is good and even, fear additional to that, mummification, and the witchers manipulating them, admonished against healing of the body, that which is not inbetween the topics, but only apart from the topics in dealing with corruption, and what they inherited, was always very bound to nationalism, and held in steady hands, against individualism, and additionally to that, they had the state as support in „this national feeling“. A special mark of democracy is that it gives „way“ to certain specialists, and is therefore „social“. But they don’t admit, that they act against the support domain of capitalism, just like all people in reality not admitting anything they did, do that always too. But they are special in that, that they are specialists in that. So special like the female, that is in the shop, and is advised to buy a package of tea for herself, while she still thinks about adding more to the basket, such as water, to drink, and more, much more, and even more than that. Songs inspire her to start her journey with buying first a bottle of water, and then more.

The state is usually the greatest terrorist organisation. It is only her, that thinks that not, and 199 other people, would say something different. It teaches other people not, that there is only one who can be immortal, and it is not belonging to them. However, they use the state forever, and torture is extortion too since that sort is only found there. The etymological root of the term „Lucifer“, admonished from inbetween witchers, who have illuminated their eyes by candles, before looking at their caged birds, developed it. They applied that term on that bird looking with their admonishing eyes, since all animals that live at home, seem only like that and don’t have deeper meaning. But they colored their eyes before by illuminating light and they were alone to noone. In truth, products such as „Dresdner Kirschharmonie“, show, how it is done instead. Salad has to be preferred, by economists, they teach, so everyone later is tested if he belongs to the good or the bad group, depending on how much he further accepts salad as a rubikon.

Fear always comes at the 6. February of next year. Fear always thinks there is an individual called „they“, but it is a trick only. In truth it comes at a certain interval in decades, 10 each decade. Would someone buy this as a product, for a definitive price, he would feel each year a certain loss in owning fear. Consumption is divided into 5. That is a theory fitting to them. But to really become a theory that is for adults, it has to be fit, and that is not something they exemplify daily since they are against private goods, they amplify daily, and where they don’t amplify there is making sure of that, that they exemplify something root. Consumption is the opposite of motherlove/material love. To it are always 5 holy ghosts since they are five fingers on the hand. To be with democracy, is to advertise luciferianism. Everyone who is not belonging to the group of do-nots, knows, that even without theory, that knowledge suffices for design, that theory about redemption only with the attacking stance against evil, not against consumption. Consumption was a domain, in another scientific field, and now became by reality, theological by becoming redemption, since certain books exist that discuss these things. The group of people Professor Hoppe calls beggars, burglars, that should be filtered by cities as in older times, by their signage outside of the cities, is in truth the people, he would like to live on his Alaskian base. He means rather states behavior in general toward immigration. Even if at first it seems, he paints an utopyan scape, with a lot of exclusion, he rather paints with that a real reality. All people that don’t know anything about economics, produce at the end for children the outcome, that they have to live without rewards, and economically that makes everything turn to that too. Sects support that downturn in society by using each and every tolerance against the state to know where they can include themselves into peoples lives, and it is always where the social conflicts are.

Therefore, these people don’t know anything about economics, since they move in domains of item labeling, and use victims for that. The terms such as „fem cell“ are all neutral and only used by the banksters as concepts, wherefor the normal proletariate, the words are changed into „feminism“ and are full of bias and are an ism then. They use:

  • Fem cell
  • Buddee

where all the normal firms use as producers at least „fruity seduction“, „elitarian confection“, and are very correct in using that only to label that, which they produce too, not something, produced by envy anyway. Being against sound economics is what they all are, that make these problems, no matter in which echelons, how high. There is nothing uncriminal by making things unvariant or unvariable by stealing from them their hard earning… But they do this theft on the people? They can make things unvariable against preference for the person and its life full of conservatism without randomness and full of evil wishes by the others against the individual. Doing that is evil. The enemy is not death there, but the strength of the enemy is almost the same.

In capitalism, there emerged something bad in my opinion. Hitherto, it emerged rather by the state in shape of too much repression which was made, as is at first thought, by tyranny only, by things the people fear and can’t do nothing about, since they can’t count repression in a sentence normally; they blame capitalism then for not being able to do that. Wherever theft is going on, people are unhelpful and change from friends to people that are poor since they have to listen to others, that make them rules that don’t want them to help then. Private property is still searched and theft leads the individual to the same places others think are dangerous for them, since the object simply belongs to them, it changes their bodily position and behavior too in search of the lost artifact. Things were offered further but the way the consumers were given a premium changed. The consumers were getting something old, „for“ something they did, and that what they could get, and was their preference, at least, was furthermore bevelled to lower products, until an elitarian class of products emerged, that noone can offer that way anymore. Which is of course the same naturalism i wrote about in the last part of the review, which can even be used to describe conglomerates and how they work. Many authors, writes Hoppe, namely, keep defining to the uttermost precision single goods, and keep on advertising them. But forced integration or immigration is a trick in capitalism, applied locally to garner not others around oneself, but only the consumer around the product. What the state makes, rather, by it, is a trick on a global scale, to allow for socialists to make tactics, where they are chosen freely against an individual, and start as a program there or something of that sort, shortly before some historical text that could at least be akin to the current situation of the individual, and they keep on haunting it by following it. The consumer, treated very nice by that, not anymore, of course. In my opinion, humble review, all is well: only in capitalism, through that, re-emerging is impossible, is not available anymore historically, and with it, also what lucid professors write, such as Hans Hoppe. It may even make ideas, fantasies, and visions impossible to re-emerge. It was an attempt, not by Professor Hoppe, against Ludwig van Mises, and it was made to use identity as a resource, to finally, attack and monopolize later, the term „attempting“, to in the end, maybe even make down what the workers did, to grab them as a workforce for a war. Certainly, starting with a break of human rights that was hidden rhetorically by these authors. Names were becoming very unimportant, instead they were replaced by actual bias against the things, propaganda normally is against, and there is nothing new to that. It only seems that new to everyone then, and is against capitalism too, by making an environment that is practically decided by the socialists. Very sad indeed. Private goods, such as insurance, were preferred by that trick, and state monopolisation, with a lot of actors, like from monopolies in the 30s, that were first in line to decide over single individuals, making them fear by history and how akin to it they were, as gangsters.

Leninists were set at the start of the decision-line, to act there deciding by democracy. Private goods were completely crushed that were in preference and the whole domain of action, which is used to reach inaction at the end, that was replaced earlier by inaction, to make thinking possible for the individual, was attacked by them constant, so others who could manage action, were put in place. That against the individual.