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Demons of the dune vs. victorianism (EN)

Throughout capitalism, there is led a filament, a red line, that you touch things only by the back of your hand, with the nails, softly and finely. You don’t want them to be damaged, forsooth. That is how it teaches to treat people too. They as individuals are not treated that way, but tortured by rules made by nowadays what was beforehands the union workers, and are now called, environmentalists. But the real problem is that they are public-goods theorists or advocates. In truth, torture is called nondiscrimination. In a democracy there remain the influences brought about from the past, from old egypt, as demons such as Asasel, that calls for another and so forth. They are additional to the mirroring from the states immigration policy, that makes nondiscrimination. Individuals are treated like (even if future – ) owners that would otherwise secure their property and discriminate sharply against public-goods theorists and other visitors. Nondiscrimination is therefore part of the mirroring and immigration policy.

In schools the multitude behaves the same, manipulated by them and emulating them. The domain accessed of torture, is nondiscrimination, since everything needs to have an intro, they think, to create that universe at all. Marxism at its finest is what that is insteads. The domain, accessed is accessed by something that has to have the same quality, such as old ruins of churches, that remain as monuments of cultivatedness, where for example young people meet for dates at night. Therefore, the only thing can be nondiscrimination that comes close to that, and the only thing mirrored by that is war, which is not qualitative at all.

There is a theory set forth by the old economists that there is something lurking behind private goods and the dichotomy to public goods, which is just not true. Private goods are blamed by the people then too, and public goods via democracy advocated. And then, these demons can do what they want. Even if in torture, discrimination may happen, all of that is called nondiscrimination rather, since the victim is often wishing for discrimination not happening, and is 50% part of that cruelty program. The people don’t know that Ludwig van Mises was not belonging to the satanists. These economists that brought that about, and more, much more, are called for example „Molinari“ and he is generally not advocated, but has to be accepted since he monopolized that markets have to be the root where goods are propelled to the consumer in his theory. This does not mean, that there is not a mirroring going on about nondiscrimination too, that Augustinus already talked about, and that is only because of him pinpointable to these economists, and this, before they were even born. There is rather to all of that, a lore where guitar solos can be inspirated on, that is also happening there. All that seems „great“ to the multitude, the people, is only reproduced then in markets, by these things. And the simple man is not liked because of that, that can’t play that way. He would be only liked by a monarchical ruler at least. Even young women, behave sometimes like a monarchical ruler, and due to democracy, the wrong attest is made already by the way they are treated mirroring that highness. In truth, monarchical rulers were in these moments only like that, since they had to write something.

The bankers wear that masks of birds, on parties, in their castles, because of the „leninist women, that spread socialism“, class under their guise of „relativism“. Where a shop dies, another shop rises, and the old shop is remembered by the requirements that product awaited about the customers. This has a reason, because preference moved someone beforehands, to think about that product or shop even „however one wants“… It has nothing to do with thought. The old argument was for free immigration: work goes to highpaying zones and firms migrate to low paying zones.

Even that has another continuation that has another hidden method, Professor Hoppe saw inside it: Input and Output. However, they are special there, and finetuned by „future input and current, output“. In my opinion it is a great mistake, that Karl Marx and his followers define industry as bound to a country: local industry. With this the problems of youth begin, where the first lie is made. That, for example reviews, can be, and other texts not, since the author is requiring that by using intellectual property law.

That, means of production, land and buildings are not together indistinguishable. Everybody owning something is much too early, even when defining it his integrity by contract is absolute human right of every human, this is even earlier and the next topic to solve is rather: the decades when these means of production are becoming ownership-ridden by marxism. They are corporativists and misuse the state as a rendering engine, to get their will done. These means of production are called more precise „factors of production“: and most conflicts that can be greater, are displayed intentionally that way, so people fear them. In truth, the problem is only, when means are translated to factors in other languages, than english sole. Moreover assumed than is assumed, moreover, and, moreover, they can control a lot exactly here, since this is where they also give loans to visionaries that want to create a firm, and the same is true for all that want to get them: their current credit can’t be made forceful. This is how actually inflation increases ownership or wellbeing: negatively, and nothing moves there, even when some may claim, it moves because it is liquid or something like that and so. It moves not a single inch, and is monolithic rather. Free trade with ownership of these things, should never be muted intentionally or unintentionally. It should be free trade to all. These visionaries should never be muted or put into a class with others, so there is no displayable „great scheme“ that can be advertised to all. They should all know, that this comes at a price, very extremely high, that this comes even earlier and can be advertised as this great thing: having parts of monolithic ownership about these things by free trade, open to all, and not muted in any way.

The people hollow the house because of that. Having an individual find out the reason for all of that, is part of torturing it. There are no reasons for all of that, than that single thing. Things become egalitarian and one single thing becoming too much egalitarian is enough for people to be able, to trouble the individual. They trouble, torture, speak evil words, block the path of preference, path of live, and much more. Where they should only consider that. No matter how far-sight a man getting a lot of credit since he knows niches is, he claims there are many niches. In truth, niches are called domains. There are two domains. One is of the individual that is obsessed and can’t see anything by that definition, and the other, and these are the innocents tortured, is the domain where they have open eyes and are innocent and these are the tortured.

There is a lack of freedom. Families fear that they will be poor. All have to be poor since they believe the state, they don’t see that. Again there is monopolisation of the next lack of freedom by states coercive apparatus. „They“ want to be the hapless taxpayer instead. Together with that, all is against the individual from individualism, and also philosophy, where it is the subject observing itself thereby. And everyone can do his hypnosis on the individual before that even is realized. Just like they give titles to nonexisting entities, while being an entity, or a state, that does not want to appearently, appearently – by resigning after admitting its continueing existence, resign, instead becoming here idle totally in truth), the young people believe some myths and grasp for straws. Straws that are in truth, imaginary total. They can see that things can be seen by younger ideas, such as that older people like them but young people dislike them and they don’t see that, and blame all at once. All only, since economics seems not a young science to them.

„So many people suffer this particular confusion that markets only work if they are „efficient“ and work like the „perfect competition“ model. Little do they know that it is the other way around: it is because the world is far from perfect that we need and benefit from markets.“ Per Bylund (Austrian Economics)

Communication is key in economics. The fairness is that: if someone is not part of the discussion anymore while still agreed on dividing costs, he has to be informed if the same thing requires other costs to be added that are of the same sort. Else he pays more for the same. But this is against liberalism and freedom and should be avoided, since the person part of that, could be environmentalist and it is not fair anyway. Why should some individual, secure every inch against their involvement, to mimmick the kilowatts of each machine, since they want everything filled manually that they do, just because the books some despots are reading which they are defined by, are a gaping hole?

Buerocracy is highly inefficient there, even if insurance regularly is almost used to be a system of law, to which it could be used at least after the state vanishes. They still bring with them the inefficiency with the state existing, coming from that, that people are not part. The costs are way too high. The costs to be paid for making high ranking decisions against corruption done by an individual, are the same high (of the quantity of the word „at least“ in that context). Offspring gets treated by that belief called socialistic social democracy, as a belief, very bad, very. They regularly get labeled and set on a road to believe the same, on a health-pact with the state, which is the wish of some cults or something, based on too much subjectivity existing or managers existing. Evil exists. The rate of giving everything to everyone, if it is „always“, such as is described as required by that, means, that these people don’t respect private property at all. Since you lose everything by holding that rule, or give it to others. The state regularly auctions and sells. The common good is not the theory on which that is made, even if it sounds logical at first. The theory it bases upon is that the state has to exist and set forth its useless existence. Exactly here it is required to be a warrior against others and their constant wishes that you have to make a health-pact with some group of people to propel your inner health to new levels for them, for some „future“, which is of course „socialism“. Just like they wanted to quarantanize Julian Assange, they want to do that and do it more easily thanks to secrecy, with other individuals, while he dwells in his prison cell.

The state produces nothing. It just uses the parents to put the blame on anarchists.

There is not a law to hold a law. Laws are therefore arbitrary and illegal in truth. When they say war is needed, they lie about the development place of competitionism, that is killed by what they do, even by that single concept. Preference is the closest that one can get to holding a law. It is the best choice too since it gets very personal. Depends on knowledge of course. That is why universities must be top tier. But there is an individualist carrot to that: moreover, any people that are environmentalists should not be accepted, that want to control your preference or are beginning to make rules, by acting first of all statist, with support from state, blaming someone for being a firm that can’t migrate to low-paying zones. Why are you acting else, in the market, in the economy, if there should be someone always, that changes certain things? But how can you make pupils top tier, if the place they study upon, is already top tier, and monopolized the carrot as a champion in a horse race, where the investors and observers, are not nice at all – but are despots and historicists? To reach a level uphold of seriosity freedom is needed. It can be used. But a sound economics is better with a fundament of individualism, and capitalism is even better than universities, since it beats medicine by a full replacement of staticism. The criticizers of truth and violent ppl don’t have a valid point. They are empiricists where they should first of all, recognize the reality that sound monetary theory is not a safe haven for thieves.

That is equal to trying to reach a healthy economy. It can be called communication too. Replacement of ppl is always a mode of hunting or correcting by statist critique. Either that or reaching healthy economy by reaching seriosity by freedom and crushing the ice. They don’t have a valid area and are supported by authors who keep the people in topicism, and they change the set of truth by despotism easily, such as plagiarism and a monopoly on geometry in philosophy, such as a sphere that is held by Atlas.. Which is pure satanist. The set of laws to hold a law is called a „constitution“ and it is not one single country each having a different, but the state in general who has no constitution, and therefore they try to localize everything by LED zooming to local countries and what they mean. Preference is used so one bulb is blindly bought that could possibly function on one thing unknown and ghostly before the eyes, laterwhich. Unknown earlier (just like security in industry).

When the economy breaks down, someone depending on the state, breaks down much earlier than someone depending on capitalism. The latter, has still an elegant car, that he can drive, and a running firm he can return to, whereas, the first, has to do everything by manual means. Someone that has to correct what people do that are depending on the state, and gets from the state, breaks down with the economy easily and he is expected to help by the same impossible energetical means of the same kilowatts, as the machines have. This theory is true alltogether, since cars they own, still are horse power maintained, and to own a luxury car is not something else therefore, than owning horse power, and there is nothing special in style about owning a car, and changes not theory at all. But depending on the size of the building the person has to maintain, if it is big and maintained by big machines, someone breaks down easily with that. Therefore a need is created to only deliver things by at least a certain amount, not only single things, but many at multiple.

Conclusion? Communication is not equal to reaching a healthy economy. It only points to that, that it can be used as a means to an end by LED zooming or something. LED zooming is still something else, since magnitude is often critisized. Capitalism is better in the end. Because someone who wants to copy what i do, and be a follower, must be against Manichaeism, by romancing with the market, to become a dogmatist, while what i do to emulate the kilowatts of the machines, is still something different in each case. The might they get by shifting decades or other statistical constants, much finer, is greater than everyone can warn against. To be earlier than others, can be used to freeze them in time and is a great power misused by some people, where they don’t admit that even. These ppl are therefore against the firm „Braun“ not only, but against all of capitalism, the whole thing at once. And many of the things they do are even if they are materialist, such as universities, or marxism itself, too close to Anatomy, and therefore is marxism too close to Anatomy and should be critisized. I have always problems with the people that i live with. It is astonishing that nobody brings up enough ghostliness, namely, which is ghostliness first and foremost, that has to be brought up, and not something else. I can’t admit that these people therefore don’t kill children, because they hate how i think about marxism. I hate the people that spread utopya exactly here, since they are all torturers and corporativist crooks.

The hegelyanists were always defined by the people, that search with knowledge but search for why they don’t know, that things should be bad. That makes them the same, as the people living before the industrial revolution, and dangerous, when they want to encapsulate by state. Nobody reads from them that they use the word „rendering“ a lot. That has a reason. It is since they search for evil, they are with Engels, and only since they have knowledge, they need all of that, and hide in all of that as historicist anticapitalist scum.

They are not doctors it seems. It seems, they are from the elite sector rather. They are not as innocent since nobody exists of them that would create a firm called „Liebestraum“, since people already agreed that it is wrong and illegal to misuse that word probably (ice men). But they can be doctors and they can be state clerks that are accustomed to 5 star hotels, and high consolidation, which is hard to reach with the skills they don’t have without a state and they can be dangerous and only concerned by changing statistics. Omitting that all sounds canadian. Certainly they disavow people, that are hapless taxpayers even. They are not capitalists, then they should first and foremost, warn before their methodology, that every methodology is positivism and that they never gather as anticapitalists, but garner around people, rather. They bow down the market, so the wish of the historicists gets fulfilled, where the jobmarket anyway acts as a cushion since it started there, where they want it to continue (with slavery then unfortunately).

Since where it really came from, there has been slavery too, they want to paint that picture, with the egyptian walls and for that to reach that, that they reach the pattern with the cushion, they need to bow it down constantly, so slavery is created by them.

All people know, that there are things non-negotiatable. That is why inflation is evil – since democracy has the multitude-supporters. May they be, parents wishes towards poor youth, that is then sad, they coerce, or youngsters hungry on streets: democracy has to vanish.

All people having trouble with non-negotiatable things, are in the end patients with multiple sclerosis. Is that really a coincidence? Maybe inflation makes these things, as a constant price raising mechanism, despite the many tries to fix it while it continues?

Women, especially jewish ones, are often against big industry, since they are customers with special behavior, and they can react by sweeping the innocent individual with them by wishing bad that something happens in an evenly rotating economy.

Coming back to religion and belief: Now, all women are against an evenly rotating economy. My mother for example did not understand the levels in Banjo Kazoojee, with the animal usage, that are prime example of that. She looked at everything, but that did not refresh her views at all. Many people have the same reaction when the thing that introduces innovates by these old tricks only and they can’t critisize it and were the investors in that as a gift or something to the individual. They simply remain viewless on everything in reality too. That is why they remain viewless: they invested in it, without future profit and therefore introduction into something new that gives them new views. Evenly rotating economies are made by design, and usage of design in these decades. But game levels are not like the rat levels raised by the devil in the sewers always, when state clerks are finished with their behavior against innocent people.

„An atheist believes that a hospital should be built instead of a church. An atheist believes that a deed must be done instead of a prayer said. An atheist strives for involvement in life and not escape into death. He wants disease conquered, poverty banished, war eliminated.“ Madalyn Murray O’Har

When do monopolies arise? When business men with correct thought, or thinking, start to draw from inflation. When do individualis suffer? Where Engels is believed, he is the reason where. That theory is getting hidden too by them. Luciferianists and torturers wrote that. By what mechanism? That has to be rabbatts, loan structures, and at the most highly precise, cost overtaking, which is at least against the hapless tax payer. But nobody discusses that too.

But i think, the part with the war is included without sense. Since, the prayer part is really forgotten by many, it should be magnified by LED magnifier too, and the rest should be not mixed to that importance… And now the people come with their good faith and also telling, that sanctions are not an act of war. They are, and they never stop. The innocents are on the team of the xmas decoration. People become decoration for others that want to blame the innocents for they require all to refresh their eyes. Everyone comparing collossal tables to food, lives in that past. A wonderful dress loses its quality by socializing with others by uncultivatedness, but here by objects of thought. The worst despotism hides too: critisizing politicians and then jumping individualist to religion. If things get idle, that is sad, and remains a proof of the capacity of theft going on by that and remains a store of might, just like everything against cultivatedness, and capitalism. The people are tapestry upon that history gets imprinted. That ruins everything is not the collossal shiny wooden table used only by one member of a capitalist family, in their elitarist standard home, at night. It is the people that are doing that ruin by not being able to love the next. Do you want to be an atavist?

If a table weighing 1 ton is not enough to ruin what the leninists do, why do the people not help, against that, if it is so hard to decide against that anticapitalism, and why do they prefer it then, if it is already that twist? That ruins everything that has life, is not the little statue of a bird, from brass, that stands for decision making and should teach how distancing from people and private property are in line, and in line as identity here respected…

Things follow from that in science. In a social democracy, all become philosophers of that sort: that mere observe police arbitrariness. They only observe therefore, police arbitrariness, and are driving authors around them, who are willing to speak nothing about inviting more people to create legal instability. And that is why capital accumulation is not happening in the first place. People believe, they have to make the state vanish, and take that fear to be with it, and wrap it into something else, so everyone believes, the state has to be since they wrapped that into something.

But the people don’t mean the state even if they say it or mean it. Their enforcing of that, means nothing, and they see that easily and everyone who watches them easily sees the mistake, that they mean that about something else, and not the state at all. It is exactly there where Friedrich Engels is the most dangerous as indoctrination, where security is delivered publicly by state agencies, where the cost of everything is arbitrarily shifted to private profiteering by state clerks, to innocents that can be very unlucky then.

Always then. Bettering something financially is not of the highest importance after these theorists like Engels, Molinari etc., were able to make your thinking halt or you are freshly out of a worse situation made by them being one and the same always in bettering everything economical. They don’t bolster the importance of anything, but when it is important to deliver something, they deliveer something only, since they are not clean of cults or sects, alltogether, and act always together in deliveering rather, for these people then, rather only.

The place is not important, since everything can happen in a shop. The worst is the thing you see shortly before the day begins, when a humanitarian break is done against something capitalistic, then be sure about that – that the shop loses at least one customer because of that. Many people call that clubbing or lounging since there is something evil in wishing evil for others by critisizing that it never happens. It is true. But somebody has to critisize how the state mismanages by people the events in the life of people, by making them victims of faith managed by people that read the Deuteronomicon too little. And are of course „hapless taxpayer idiots“. Those who are mismanaging and used by them, are perhaps.

The historicists are not really helpful in solving mysteries of sicknesses, that can’t be cured. It is the same, as with the term „since“, relating to reality and reasoning, and furtherance in actualy writing then.

This is a phenomenon only in capitalism – and is seen on the neighborhood only and nature, how it reacts strange, like a physical phenomenon. It is rare, but it means something wrong for the shop certain. It always happens no matter when, somewhen soon always. The people react poisonous to real truth. The communists can take everything in a blink of an eye as their own property, and they prepare that possibility or what that is really, by differentiation which is called „marxism“, against truth and just trade always, with blindness.

Since, historyans hold the key to manuscripts often, and various texts therefore, historicists simply, since the interest of the reader, if it is really a matter of truth, is to get the manuscript or various text – deter from the real problem of research at truths crossroads. Since the people that left the original manuscripts or various texts, are not the original authors – but simply people that live in our decades even, and had problems with people blocking their freedom already there, it is a blockade they do to research there.

When capitalism is not sound or free marketeer, it is bad. Women start being used in arrays, to bolden the emptiness happening, and the original meaning is lost of using them only in array, not arrays (since that is multitude, and chaos encapsulates everything). It is the greatest innovation perhaps, to say that the state is rather using people in array, with a lot of ordering, and capitalism rather in arrays, and the state is therefore full of cults and has its roots there too very boldened – just to turn things over by innovating them.

Innovating them and putting people in array and order in capitalism suddenly, is innovation and there can’t be anyone monopolizing that meaning there, against truth – while they do that constantly against individuals by attacking. Ghost itself gets summoned by summoning Friedrich Engels by using politicians, that summon him by making their evil game. It is their rule to summon Friedrich Engels by politicians in homes, and „ghost“, which does not exist in truth, hides every demonic behaviour of others. This is the level of oligarchy existing too, it exists only in that form (metaform). Laws are not about private property. A private property owner has the same problems as someone who inherits his property by his wish. He perfects the stance towards these conservatives.

Magical Aspirin (called Myshkin) was advertised in the 90s by the boom-bust phase and the socialists. Someone knowing, Aspirine it has the effect of making the imune system stronger in cold environment, had to accept, that suddenly Asprine can’t do that, even if it is not true. This is how the belief in offspring was weakened by socialists, via the 80s boom with its 90s bubble-bust, earlier to that, made only for that, to reach that against that product. It is the sad reality that capitalism has to accept, that these socialists can’t be trusted. Maps are made by marxyans, for the cost of industry. Everything, that Engels makes, is destroy hi-tech, where the boundary is, between delivery where an eclipse is closed and opened for new discoveries, and still – they advertise what they do, as discoveries. They lead astray. They need data, since it produces each and everywhere, an infinite loop, with someone managing that, at the end, to search by preferring one variable or quality. Since, it is not the individual having that preference. It is the script having that preference then. There are american who display backend engines that make cloud data management can’t do certain things, while leave that lie unsolved, while it is not true. Javascript can do these tricks, even if it is tricky a bit.

All things made by politicians for the people to control them, are in realisation at the end, only bad for the economy – since people will still act not like little mammals, in using the new techniques introduced, and will keep on acting strange to eachother. There is no sense in making things social – just so there are these easily created social-management people, that are all applying something in an environment, almost without an owner, as is always the case, and syndicalistic principles applied on something, is tested in its syndicalist quality, or heaviness, on earlier created corruption, since they change something that is hard to change in individualist spheres, against someone individual. It is better to own everything, and change nothing – that means: to have culture. To have hunters, not free thinkers.

Not really culture – but cultivatedness rather, but culture can be called that too vis-a-vis. It is better therefore – to own everything, and change nothing – so cultivatedness arises individually. Where they say it is god who creates sicknesses, outside they plan on individuals. They start pinning, not planning on individuals such as orphanic offspring outside that sphere, and call it everything they like, without real meaning – such as if – they would hold some other thing dearer than that, than cultivatedness. And then they start delivering picking in shifts of decades. People never change during millennia, as single individuals. The duration is much too high, and overthrows their preference to change something. Exclusion is really mobbing and dangerous. It returns as everything returns, if the Deuteronomicon is misused.

And this is the reason, why: products must be really good, really really good, among the best, in line, to be harmonious with the terminology of saying „someone comes to Jesus“. People often do a leap of faith already pinpointing to Jesus while wanting to say something else. These products are not made in places of uncultivatedness: only in cities, or industry. Elsewhere, they fail to summon in production and people try heavily to know eachother to optimize what they possess always, trying millions of friends, with unsoundness lurking everywhere.

The valuations changing, can alter the things in possession, with evil outcomes that are earlier not preoccupied in vision. This altering, is not absolutistic, and since that is true – it is already a domain in a market. It does not alter since someone wishes it, or as a rule. Until now, domains are used to place products and alter their life intentionally, how long they are in the mind of the people, with the consumers not really caring for that. They don’t see, that they can’t alter anything and therefore, there is a lack of innovation. A little shop does not alter domains, and people spread the evil lore about capitalism so all people think even, at christmas, that little shops use domains with the uttermost precision and quantity before everyone else does it. In truth, these shops die that have no customers. Arabs for example are very talented in using the secret of trade, in practice. Everything that is marketeering a high-profile product, that can stand on its own, is then, after it was marketeered not with due respect, before the singularity of the single existance of it, hitech. It is not high-tech since it really is that way, but that it can be high-tech of highest quality, in potentiality, is put forward by the process, and hidden again, and makes it less high-tech, hiding that quality, if not marketeered that way.

And that is how theft is created. It makes it not only less high-tech, but completely makes that quality vanish while the market runs further and the people have to find out on their own. But there can be and is a lot of effort made to hide that secret, and crime done sometimes by groups, that act for someone. They call Arabs easily terrorists but i know, that this is therefore based on a wrong economical analysis and is a seduction of other people. Sometimes when stupid things happen, even loud machines, stop to make sound in these moments. It is a strange proof of domains existing. But the state clerky are bricklayering scum, that wants to change that and monopolize there its own field of rules and laws, and ordering, made for greater freedom in holding the bayonet at gunpoint while stealing from the people for example their offspring. To me that is deception. The Arabs are not terrorists, and they are not even part of that group that uses domains as tricks, but the deception rather – hides genocides done by socialism in earlier decades of doing what they want. It is death itself that uses domains as a magical trick, in a fight against the individual, and the innocents, and everyone is in the same situation, against unsoundness economical and deceptions made by the state. It is death itself acting strange. Many young people believe that is a good theory, since they never hear it often. But even compared to the Exodus, it is old primitive thing. Death is not strange, but twinfold.

Scholars get included into old latinic schools by consumers that have them as offspring, and their decisionmakers at home of this offspring, that everything has to end there, since economical all is sound – to the contrary yet. No matter if they think it is to the contrary or not, it is the same effect – and soundness therefore is not enough at all to claim, it exists in that field. Something has to be done to correct that, since they try to sanitize lives by that for people without financial freedom.

Everything after that plan can be said but not Ludwig van Mises‘ theory advanced.

For example:

Rational thinking animals – people – make changes of decision that are changes in valuation, that are not even known to them at first, but still they happen – and they change what they possess or not. This is why it is stupid to cut down their freedom. To cut down financial freedom for an individual, that has to then constantly admit in moral relativism is simply something the society, that are people mostly in groups, does not even try to help out of. So much for that threshold, the people were brought unto by all of that. The only possibility to get out of moral relativism for that individual is to participate in the market with freefloating values, that are replacing that inside domain of the individual, with real economical thought and gameplay. But to actually make people participate in that market, it must be a free market and for that, unsoundness has to vanish, that poisons the freedom in that market. They think they can participate earlier in that, and have to admit that the economists they trust, know nothing. The proletariate thinks it has to advance some metathing, such as a ghost moving. They not only are idiots perhaps, but in truth, people know nothing, and they too. And they don’t advance that they know nothing in that.

That is still while they can utter changes in the life of the individual. It is criminal to cut down its financial freedom – since the next mistake happening there, are the authors – in that chain – and they are only 1% of the misesian school, and are not trustworthy. They have as their followers, cults, sects, and historicists of all sort, that only wait to manipulate everything in unsoundness, as long as there is access to services of the state. While these effects of banking play their game, they get always their wish completely fulfilled as rational thinking animals – but against the individual they think they are helping. This is called sodomy in the end and leads them only into more regression. While they want to sanitize everything about the individual, they don’t know that the individual is already concerned by that in its artifact-attain-reality and make desanitisation instead, to which socialism belongs too, or leninism. Evil never admits, that the things, that it does, are all hidden and that the state is always misused as a producer of ungoods, that appearently should compete fullfletch with the happiness of industrial puppets. In modern centuries, the people that have NWO firms, are in Tunesia forever. Where are these people, if not there, and their firms, total balderdash, not proving to be useful in modern decades, where they would be else at home? And the state? It even proves as a generator of it. They are with Friedrich Engels exactly in that. Look, how they destroy fantasy.

They told the people from the 80s bubble-bust, that were randomized winners of a map of luck in a market claimed to be free by all, with a grasping government, that their firms are inhuman, and dangerous, and then government gave them sums and started wars by the US empire. In truth, their firms are not dangerous at all, but useless, because they did not develop them further where the trend against human action proved to be best suited by wars made by a state, that gave them sums, with which they vanished in Tunesia, leaving the people that.

It is urgent to help there by admitting, that the problem lies in economic soundness that is not enough developed in the market. Instead what happens:

The support-domain has been submerged into another domain, that is the same within with little value, like the products that the support domain was supposed, to replace to profit there. In capitalism, there are no surprises, such as known from „mobbing“… In a domain with inflation going on, all domains can be submerged under it, and that domain is a domain of historicism. Offspring makes suicide, so it waits for values to emerge afresh – with inflation going on. That is really the problem why that happens, and firms die too. Instead what happens:

Historicists, in truth the people other important books would call „baal servants“, are depicting the life after a capitalistic family has died because of the banks – and writes their life story where in truth, the about page should have fresh information without death. Instead what happens:

If someone goes to heaven, since he passed away, he remains displayed by capitalism as a product of some sort, not really as a name or as a sad story even. Transformed to a product, with people poisoning it (capitalism; they poison capitalism). In Japan there is no violence towards women or men or boys. They have something different that is replacing that, which is called „socialism“; and is equally evil against individuals.

The dinner table is constantly endangered in our hemisphere. It should be there, where things should be harmonious. In Japan, that is not the case, since youth leaves home for capitalistic ventures each day somewhere, that are replacing that still. There can be only one reason why it is that way: it became a model hovering in midair, and the dinner table itself, became absolutistically ruled by someone, since it is not at display of such, in other cases, but the same source applies of logic or view.

A capitalist view. These thoughts don’t help when the state puts you in its environments as an individual. All you feel is coercion and total negligence of will or power to decide even over simplest things. Things unthinkable to individuals used to be put in culture. The problems are not corrected by that, and the people still inherit the intention to leave the individual as a model of Engels, in a lonely forest, as a final outcry against logic and peace. The problem is the submerging of the support domain as a metaphysical talking point of discussion, while it is already existing in truth, and was already created to be „support“ in companies. Since, there has to be someone to be blamed, for reality not working. The state with its final logic has to vanish. They can say the problem is war, but the companies replaced actually the empty space these products should be used for in to profit, by profit to in for or something – by support itself rather as a domain. Now they profit by support centers. The people despise Mises, and the order how things are behaving is so: the ignoramusses desire pain (they should try sour fruits such as kiwi), while others display the people as ignoramusses, against the constitution, and everywhere you go, you visit a Menger cube. What is it, that socialism really expects from the person, really thinking about being a good socialist and wanting to join socialism? At first, it ignores the individual – since it is impossible to construct a sentence expecting from the object without the subject missing.

Being a true rebel is more important than it was before the state expanded during inflation. It is not important as a factor to retell information during writing it, but it is rebellion, true rebel, that is important in these decades and there is no change in sight.

The economy is severely damaged and rebellion is Hochzeit of deepest romance for all people that fell in love, and means the same, as it, and is rebellion too that should be seen important as something to execute. Nonrebellion is what they hate, even if they say otherwise. In truth it is so. Because they hate reemerging that follows from that, in their opinion, but in truth, re-emerging is very carefully made by planning. Be very careful about these planners.

It is better when the rebellion is in the hands of the individual, than in the hands of satanists, statists, or other scum, that gets triggered by the state to do it, against peace and integrity, and if it is therefore, without the state as a leader. The state is not without these things and torture is actually executed by these groups of people triggered by it and socialism too and other things of that sort that triggers these groups always at first, that are already fallen into the wrong hands of control side. So no matter where you go as a consumer – do a rebellion since the prices can’t be so high that you can’t pay it. Do a rebellion against some other agency – if you think the prices should be paid because of fairness to the producer of the product or do a general rebellion.

To harness some things should be already everywhere possible thanks to capitalism. There should be not so much power to harness granted to other people than those, that actually teach harnessing of power in an innocent way for capitalists, and not other reasons searched. But this is where the mistake lays, in too little freedom. That the wrong people – harness power – that precisely are those, that limit that freedom then further while the setting is already bad in general for these people because the situation in truth should be inverted there.

The people with Engels are not innocent. They are what they are from a procedural setting that can be misused and is constantly misused for creating viruses or something like that, which they always create as people with Engels. It is that way – not holy at all. All of that is already yet, against the hapless tax payer, and therefore, against immigration too. The managers of that logic are not hapless tax payers. The monsters able of upon torturing people, they can be with that, since they are politicians, very evil. People need less, yes. People need more, yes. They need both relative to the current situation they are in. They need less because they are not gods, and have to save and get the exact things available that are good for them at that instant. But they need them too at that instant that perfect and cultivated. They need more in that way.

And since my site is generally written german, here a foreign text:

„Wer diese meine Abhandlung über die Dreieinigkeit lesen will, soll zuerst wissen, daß meine Feder wachsam sich gegen die Verdrehungskünste jener wendet, welche es verschmähen, vom Glauben auszugehen, und so durch ihr vorwitziges und verkehrtes Verlangen nach Verstehen in Irrtum fallen.“ Aurelius Augustinus

And, since live is eternal, here i have to write further. The english version of the fifteen books with the first book starts so however and shows against whom exactly it is written, by counting the three emulgations they use in their extreme love of reason: „Chapter 1.–This Work is Written Against Those Who Sophistically Assail the Faith of the Trinity, Through Misuse of Reason. They Who Dispute Concerning God Err from a Threefold Cause. Holy Scripture, Removing What is False, Leads Us on by Degrees to Things Divine. What True Immortality is. We are Nourished by Faith, that We May Be Enabled to Apprehend Things Divine.“

Therefore, people need more always. They need less only, of the sort if it is propelled by some mechanism. And they need more of that, which is consumed by them, not propelled by them only. They have to own the means that allow them to change that or add to that („that“, can be understood as precluding perhaps „on the fly“). Nobody shall ever arise to debate that. Not only since that is not leadership of priest, or extremism, but since that is not something a consumer shall do in a church or elsewhere then too, especially. That would make him a populist and a young follower of Hegels, who was the inspirator of the prime architect of the KZs in WW2. Very wrong, indeed… The people should rather to that, find ratherly out, how to tap into domains of the market, or go to hell instantly.

People need more of that which they prefer, and less of that, since they are not gods, of what they utilise for toil. But they don’t need anyone deciding that for them. They don’t need the anonymity that comes with that. They don’t need to be delivered on a silver tablet as victims of murder.

The marxyans should not claim that capitalism is bad, because the people are bad or the market, since people are raised to be that by state schools. On that it is visible where and why they do that disastrous thinking. They don’t teach that to youth anywhere. Their overt operation has to end. Over those that still are not critisized by that, that capitalism only produces either torturers, or antichrists, and the former seem good because capitalism is idle there because of support domain submerged into that creative sector…

Don’t be stupid idiot: armed to the teeth and yet nationality-dependent: it is rather, that the latter seem good because of that, and truth can’t be shaked by ignorance there if it is exposed like that. It is state schools that produce these „still good persons“ and the state when it introduces more addon to that submerged domain later. Are the armies promises, not only explanations and the people downgraded to expectations systematically? Are your promises you do to all people of certain nationality, not only for certain people? Why are you then still doing human action, when you see that clear?

Do you want to know how the economy feels?