Eine Seite gegen den Krieg



Spiel Konsolen
Schwarze lackierte Schuhe in Damenmode

Conflagration 4

the concept of level and limit, hidden deep behind the core of exhaustion. Economics is a little bit youthful, while other things are as a science rather useful. They call Hoppe or me insane, but in a normal world, they don’t make or even onjet, rules govern, not governments rule. Nevermind means: that location does not matter, yet, the monopolists that linger there, are wrong and theology also calls them evil in a double way. It is a secret behind how asynchronous functions behave, when they are encapsulated by promises, without „then“ statement. It is the nature of asynchronous promises, rather. Statists mix that by nature, thinking and teaching wrongly. There are two kind of people when they are religious, they are against. And one of them is something a composer of music infinitely searches to be yet never finds in himself. It is either the „heathenhof“-kind of angels in men, they act against, or the creed of the original sinner, they are against, who creeps through reality like a dragon, each time at night knowing where to go. Marxism is bigotry. It is not hard to reveil and it is true, as mind agrees easily with such. You can see, they can take the way consumers are treated as kings, and use that to keep track of capitalism. They sit there like parasites. Nobody thought, they would do this trick on capitalism. Cartels are wrong. Because they have these fights against innocents. And they are illogical and not based on value too. How is it possible that children do suicide in Japan or China, or elsewhere? Maybe, youth evaluates too much, chances in fighting some greater creatures that are stronger than them, and the government rightly „governs them“? But, in truth, evaluating the chances against the dragon is not possible. And if it is not possible, then in all other cases against anyone else, the same holds true. Evaluation is therefore, to win against someone or something, impossible from outset. Because there are no values that govern. But people still took that as a way of thinking, and talking. It kept in language to be upheld. It transgressed into business. It means that it is still possible, even when logic tells, that it is not.

People the state clerks make seem, have to be defaced, just because they don’t know, as individuals, the difference between what is a customer, and a consumer. This difference is in the outer border outside of a little shop; mind distinguishes between customers. Consumers are already distinguished by default. Customers sometimes as little individuals, when the tradition is still upheld. Customers are all this democratic scum not going shopping, while having still the intention to, while consumers are already making the purchase inside the shop. Because of democracy, all are treated the same by set theory itself, that only distinguishes by all of that, including it, only geniuses born by nature. But other things are not behaving that way, with being dependent on elitary things or beings. With set theory, it is proven, that a state only damages the invididual, the way it is made from start. Bernard Russell was very smart, in knowing, that true elitarianism is wrong. People think, his way of teaching terms, ends there, but in truth: people that use „in terms of that“, use terms the way, complex mathematics behaves. He knew that, and since he was concerned by simple algebra, he took it as a layer to operate under it, to be as simple to math, as he proclaimed too by naming his work that way. Since, it is a very elitary circle that not even exists often, of thought, that is very plagued by elitarianism, even in the most elite schools, that talks with this „in terms of that“, attaching to it formulas and uses that as start to go further in mathematics, and they can’t change because they were drawn into sinister circle. But they often don’t attach, but attase.

Metallic objects are called nonarrangement by the statists, that are against the individuals who explained that others exist, who are opposed to correct thinking, already in the first century, and they are fear-mongering. Composing oscillation is a very powerful hobby. When oscillation is crooked, it makes the economics unsound.

This is of course, not true, because of many reasons, one including that it is only a model. They however want everybody and coerce everyone to have this outcome as thought, when they „think wrongly“ of them. But someone like the latter type, is only because of his way of never lieing, in that business. They want to get him to lie this way for them. When you don’t keep up going further in design, practicing, you fall into self-similarity issues with yourself based on how people offer you what they get in democracy, which is – rest. Sicknesses are not so, including the states precluding pneumony or any other lung sickness. They all start in the social nexus, and leninists live daily in them, only assuming that, never coming out of them. Nobody ever never, tried to correct these things, despites van Mises, who correctly saw in that, something economical. So it starts. Because where someone always is pressed under by them acting together, they not knowing more, put a capitalist and all, into anatomical pain, that someone reading about that, very well knows what that is, namely from the female leg biceps, to the achilles, is a small connection, where when you think about that, only men have achilles, you get actual anatomical pain. Sicknesses in the umwelt start so. They are depending on that emptiness where pain starts. They don’t live in that social nexus. Else they would go out of it fastly. Because it means nothing more, than wolves, coming together in a group. But in mathematics, this is called mapping, and the one who developed a cure for pneumony, knew that, that mushrooms are mapped too in forests. When children get all the time made down, they look often at the feet, where the achilles is. Also people, made down by the bankers. But, looking at the feet, is enough, to make this pain start, the sickness is depending on further. They all act together in evil. Because of them, on big scale, firms have to emulate innovators in design, while the innovators get in turn by the development torn into the darkest thing called „corporativism“, Mises warned most about. But this is not yet the stop of the mountaintop. Families that are capitalists, fall into this mistake, and bankers children misuse that crap. This is the first thing that comes to mind as an outcome and they all misuse that eventhen. The first who misuses it is like the monks in the elite-families, who was an educator and made the monarch always fear of death before unsoundness of money he made by inititally eventhen, being with that. Because that are not persons. All anti-individualism comes from that. In truth, the corporativism initially is the most evil and worst, and is the true outcome, where they need then state schools, that teach old latinic, to make it good, to make it up again before society. This doesn’t solve the problem, which lies. Everybody who is like „them“, sleeps at day, but this can be in every possible configuration possible in society, as long as no capitalistic domain is there, and the people who believe that, are evil. Even that, live there, that way, are evil. Evil simply. Where everybody returns from war, is returning from capitalism. Because competitionism is a battlefield, and the true one on top of it. Where they fight it, it gets more private, but the truth lingers saddening. It is not remedy enough, that each firms „has three hidden opportunities“, but these three must be products that lure the customer. It is simply to his best interest. Better still, than hidden claims, that are illegal and are law-misuse too. Banks finance always both sides of war, to always win in the end, and how easy it is to tell, that, when you visited them? These who do that, still, in suit, are the worst kind of capitalists. They are called corporativists. Evil is in their being dressed, while in truth, a gentleman is distinguishable, by mind only.

Yield and profit in practice

Yield and profit in practice are not yet what capitalists think they get as thing, when they say „yield and profit in practical terms“ meaning the practical domain of it all. Just like firm creation is diametrically opposed to theft, this in a domain, this domain is to this domain opposed too. While always both domains can have editions or stations that come close to eachother, and injustice made by the state often admixes them against the individual, to stay so, forever, here it is another admiration. Many lie about this distinctionism, wanting it nonexistant. They are subventioned corporativists under cover. The creation of a firm itself, is much different to the process of violence living in this admonishing of worlds, which is because capital enables subvention by thoughts about how to spend time on projects of greater extent, while leaving the unimportant things in life, to magic. Or how to speed up time for others in capitalism. As mentioned earlier, i don’t use the term „world“ a lot, in accordance to the foreword to the book „softimage“ by Ingrid Hoelzl:“With today’s digital technology, the image is no longer a stable representation of the world, but a programmable view of a database that is updated in real time.“.

Magic, is of course against humanity. Someone living in the practical terms domain and drawing a halve from a sum, he will not do that with the plan of making a firm, even when the plan is withdrawn from reality. The other elements he newly invented, no matter how good they are, they are used as a weight on innocents when they are used as a critique on the present. To really create a firm and return to being capitalist and staying actual in the competition, he must abstain not only from diminishing that person by having respect, before trade, but also change to the domain of estrangement not anymore used as a resort. The one who lingers and wants to beat others of course, to yield and profit in practice not anymore used as a resort. The one who is evil, mixes both, and there the roles are rotated further, as wished, but they believe in that lie being indoctrinated themselves, sadly. For example war, is bad because of that and against capitalism. Being clean is more important. In war, people die because they can’t wash their hands and face, while here all the time subventioned artists, in truth doctors, act, proclaiming some solutions, which are in truth solutionism and with it, scientism and sophism. Everybody wishes as a soldier acts against the state suddenly. Suddenly everybody in bad times, wants the state to vanish. There are many levels more than the luciferians prescribe, that have to overwatched and overjumped while wanting to profit, than just the one, they talk about, which is not talking about all of this, and trying again to describe these domains. It is not really the people who profit from profit, in such ways, but evil connections.

In „capitalism“, which is now more real suddenly, economics is theoretical in its prediction, not anymore practice. Man feels all the time unfit or put in this mindset not anymore, to see the moment he is shunned to see behind it clearly the equilibrium, but now he lives in a system of money. The new „level“, became a new edition, which means, a new product is already in making. Level becomes admiration by markting of admiration becoming level by capitalism. To really profit, one must have two standposts that stand ready to be attacked, from the backyard of the possession. If monies would be some sort of population, then a house is of course a district, where these monies live together. The people managing here something against this, are some kind of thieves, and thinking out new ideas. Now to yield: let us say, A and B are the elements { A ; B } containing two rectangles a * b. The nature of the rectangle prescribes already, that A < B. Cool, isn’t it? Indeed, it is cool. Cool, is a yield. But, then add to that set, then the triangle with C. Then a + b is not the line A, but the dot A, and that line a, is lesser than both lines. Yet, if you start here, to add two elements, you have success. Of the second rectangle, contained in the traingle, the intersection in d, is the middle of the line and also C in half of the situation beforehand. C is now not where it was with two rectangles, while with the triangle, added, it is less in some way. This is also the middle between vice and virtue, the total normality of nothing, for others. But if you take now virtue, you must bring by that virtue, the two rectangles back into the old position and you have again more. Vice makes you crooked, while virtue, brings true profit of first kind and greater extent too. Within this mode, of thinking, capitalism, real, it proves also more, that vice for example, leads rather to noncapitalism. You cannot draw back from the direct profit if you are intelligent, since this is called slavery for others. But when you go forwards, from that new position, you go up in profit to another level. This direction upward, is called liberty. Taking up use of yield, is interventionist. People that utilise yield, are torturers. Because they don’t theoretize. Someone who makes theories, can observe only, that this is slavery, drawing up that yield. But you can escape this moment by having capitalistic intentions, as beforehands said, when you are fast enough. You can’t do that if the value of someone is too high you are using to that extent. Now, if you treat others like you think lowly of god and then also his creation, when you are so simple, then you of course are a kind of undecent person. Only, if they don’t churn. If they, are with him and support him, by being „for torture“, then they indeed don’t churn him. But they don’t know, that it is not the time for this kind of thing, and still they proclaim, they have culture.

There is of course another domain lingering, where yield lives. And that is for example, when somebody thinks about the profit of asking a girl if she makes a goodbye-letter and then imagining her already on the graveyard dead, in black satin. This freshness living in that domain is already a world. That is some kind of profit in a dimension where i don’t imagine economics, but it is documented, that the reason for this is not a virtue, done by all.. Only if the individual would live and have liberty, would it be great. Atleast, the same profit or yield is possible in the domain i talk about in economics. There was a trend in calling something a commodity, that was not so tencent like i would think. Commodity is based on level and value. Commodity is a socialistic term. But where it is based on value, not anymore. All people want to rest where commodity, in truth, a feministic concept is trending. People want to fix something but they can’t, because they don’t consider that people have high skill in our times. Many people are in fake in our times in media. It can be proven on, whom really disapproves and speaks against the state, gets most of the times, incarcerated, and they play there a game. They do all just so the individual screws up in life.

Even islam as an often tencential afterlooked „place“, is not place, but in truth, belief only, from which sciences such as Mathematics and Medicine came from. The first is to put mind in question, the second, to make individuals suffer. Both has the same place of origin. It is that place that has to be understood, to diminish this evil first and foremostly, and then to understand from origin even these sciences, by shifting to another place suddenly in reality. The islam is a world, with theology and philosophy, a whole new planet to that we come from. Everybody who reads too much forbidden things, stresses in the end something. Man can not only emulate single notes he heard, and this is by all called musical genius of some sort, but very advanced singers can for sure also emulate the whole 6 notes of a guitar harmony, they hear, like the dragon. For this they kill or torture innocent mulsims. Because it proves human action. Because it advertises strictness they need, and violence, the adherents of the regimes they make, for example vichy-regime, help them in making, so people believe in war easier.

For example, i could stress, that always if somebody makes rules twice, someone has double profit who makes them. Someone using currency, using cents as a gate into another world, will know that currency is the best motor existing, and its catallactic depends entirely on corruption. All these sciences were created on this other planet, because life is oblivion. Someone lacking fundamental understanding of it, is unfit to respect the individual. The fundamentals of these sciences are all based on Aristotle, the creator of logic. There are people who claim, logic is epistemology, transcendental logic, and ontology only because they are marxist. They are part of oblivion and want to destroy capitalism. The others follow them blindly in string of appeal to others. They all don’t see that with this, they hide them and their agenda, behind which is conspiracy only. Aristotle was opposed to government and is called the philosopher still by all living object.

His life holds in itself the same prediction about revelation, as Toth, a slick way to think and hidden reason nazis used cars to hunt innocents at a certain decade, and which is always repeated by democracy too. It holds a unique variable always used in these times. When someone paints the stars on a lower level according to their combination, at the ceiling, such as for example virgo, and the great wagon, he feels no cold in the upper room.

Live is a pluralistic term. It is of the like of species. But it contains philosophical set where faith is considered time. This is most brightest in the way, secrecy is traded in the two words „verum“ and „farewell“.

It is not because we think truly that you are pale, that you are pale, but because you are pale we who say this have the truth (Metaphysics 1051 b).

There is in torture apparent only a lack of cultivity. Lack of culture rather. And lawlessness that starts many decades earlier. Where girls start to act evil against a single individual, and they don’t even know it or see it. And the innocent gets by it discriminated. And keeps it for himself. Sociology and its cultural version of psychology are really crap of worth. Sociology itself is reason for issues socially aggravating then, and psychology, the new version of Moloch worship.

There is one formula that describes level best.


Let a > b equivalent to a – b > c, not equal, and 2nd:

a is equal or greater than c and also equal is not possible anymore.

But equivalent is then level and greater than is greater than the principle a > b. But i know, that the first part of the formula is a thing, they are against as torturers and also society.

This is what they mix by mind control. People get tortured that are the only one who know that a > b is equivalent to a – b > c, not equal. They are victims of vampirism. Students get taught the math oriented and abendlandic A > B while these are not valid starting points more valueladen than simply stating the length of a line. The a priori starting point someone has made includes all content of future words he makes. Hoppe states that even. Even, a > b is simply not made by the individual. It is not fair. Because equivalence on the left and equality on the right are in the middle level itself. C as the halve of d, is together a concept. It is as level then the halve of equivalence and equality too. And then the rectangles are reordered even to that it is vertical. This obscurity completes itself when seen over time in the domain. People don’t see that because time is really short in capitalism. It not only seems that there is a cult saved by a host of authors that are in crop. Books are innocent. The host of authors will be able to play level in games only and games are made by fools of antilive.


All the state does, is orient people. No matter if they are already self-taught or not, in a process. This is called a way of life for them. Isolation creates situations where the parents start becoming some sort of barons. Due to the inherent lack of culture in democracy, their valid actions are simply on the side of the state. People are anyway a little bit amott. It does make no sense to orient cultivated people by arabic means or even coercion too by state. It is even so, that with more belief in the state, they get worse and worse. It is only the measure of how value they are. Adults make fun of complex things, and they don’t know what is behind that. It is when many sets, in an array, have the same identity, or number. But this fun is very complex and nobody knows how it is made since banks exist and it proves, even without them, that whoever does nothing in that manner has it easy. But everybody knows, that this comes not that way in economics. There is a certain moment in historicism, when you research enough, that has a timeline that sparks real moments actually true when you wait for the future; but this moment trespasses a hierarchical point that is often called „terrorism“, and often has nothing to do with putting the blame on the real topic where actually the person already acts, where for example the belief in Horus is, many tousands centuries earlier even, that she is haunted by too, by evil ghosts or something. And not only, but this true reality happening is never reached by it, while true things happening have nothing to do with this topic in afterwards, in a strange way making people think. Because how is such a topic „terrorism“ connected to for example all the soft next topics, then later? It is thinking like a program. Not a really unprogrammatical way to think therefore, by historicism. Noone would believe in such programmatical truth. Sicknesses are connected and sparkable by the belief in Horus, connected to the stars, that are not so far away like all might think. Egyptians actually programmed sicknesses that stupid way. Today there is no discussion whatsoever around this topic, with books about it, costing many thousands of dollars each and collected by the same scum that does not want to heal these sicknesses, because this belief in horus is shared by occultists. For example, the belief, shared by many normal people, with which they shatter individual lives, that a man should not heal himself by a glass of certain drink when he feels the ground, is coming from the belief in horus too. But the deception is real.

With happening corruption around him, a man knows he was deceived and is then by the state held for many months captive, despites knowing he moves in the field where they want to deceive him. The free market would only laugh and call that a way of deception, but here they have a lot of to „talk“… In my certain opinion this is not true latin and therefore not true law too. In corruption happening, people facing sicknesses connected to the stars and how they relate to own life, to this certain system, act in fear of sicknesses against the individual, put in fear by sicknesses they could get, or their loved ones. No doctor can ever claim, that he is a good one, if he does not think so. But one is a better doctor if he does observe it only on other doctors, while nobody knows that. Greater corruption is happening individually where it is seen gradual, but to be deceived here, by state clerks, that is even if they think a normal thing because later resolved, not nonoccult for the person. Schools only seem to teach a very fine Latin. In truth, thinking about it, is idealism. They teach only the latinic words that were heavy, and are coming from romanic times and rule, resounding brutal. The true fine Latin, is much different to that the schools teach the students and is not so brutal at all. Later people act the same way and there is absolutely no law for the individual happening there.

The metricism by which things are described as reality, the more real it gets, the less people believe that it has all something to do with the litmus test that is happening with doctors; rather – it gets more and more into history and therefore historicism, with topics such as the old egyptian gods, the more one researches therefore, the less true. And the deception is real, because all might think in a moment, this has nothing to do with doctors and how they are tested, while great persons standing behind it, like Goethe for example they simply don’t look onto but look away, while they are proof enough for their corruption coming from Leninism. The more one describes what really is happening with sicknesses, the closer he gets to describing old egyptian polytheism, and not real men, with the litmus test being who is a better doctor; so the people believing in that test, they gradually think it has less and less to do with real men, but more and more, with egyptian gods the more reality is described there. The same blame is put on innocents when the state clerks put them in question by questions that are made to captivate them, like the inquisition. Lesser and lesser people believe in it and someone has to call that „good“, appearently, while individual life and liberty is draining downstairs. Where the individual acts, it is always by the search for being the authority, put into grief. It seems, everywhere research is done, it has to be this kind of merchandise and is it too. Doctors don’t want to be called lesser, and their search for being that known authority, leads them into it, to leave others they observe by that wrong thinking, in the same pit, while they get away nicely. Since who wants to be called he has this and that, just because there are appearent authorities, that in truth are not them at all, and they are really not them at all too? While the thing someone does is in a simple way describable, here when it is gradually more and more detailed, less and less people believe that with even capitalism itself calling that a deception. I am sorry, but this is not the way things work. It is Satan who utterly puts people in these situations when they are against socialism. All of this is rather just a model and it is surely better if people would stand up to it the same way too they get drained under.. It would require at start already that it happens more often. Even putting them in this situation is what was made by the Egyptians when they saw they were against the rule. The letter depticting the bird itself was used to communicate death against certain people and it stands for it too.

But ruled by gradually stronger and stronger eco-fascism, is then the personal hell they put you in, when you are still not able to describe that by writing about it later. Your parents that can act like barons, they literally draw upon that white sheet then the children, the house, and the sun later, instead of you being able to live that out, and there is pressure put on it so it has to happen. All the time i feel the silent presence of the sub-rosa people, since the time i rotated Toth. All of this is already too much knowing banking. Because it is a kind of noncraft. All of these people don’t seem to lie, yet have secret power. What first begins as wanting your children to be on equal terms, on equal height to others, comes from buerocracy that infested more and more itself into capitalism. With deception so great, that this noncraft is used then too, with all others getting corrupt by not helping. But when they see whom they can help, they don’t do it. They let time pass by until the moment is gone. Empiricism makes that to a rule in capitalism, this equal footing. But who gives them this authority? The yield people draw up, should be profit, but nobody sees that with no liberty, they draw upon then plans, certain plans and agendas, not anymore having a capitalistic meaning at all, as noncraft. I am very sure, the pharaons called each and every day a simple thing they didn’t like by a single word all the time in grief the whole day. If something was to them noncraft, they would let others repeat that word too on others. But they would not continue with that calling, the next day, this is the very fine difference to what science in these days makes, this appearent science. Parents don’t want you to become a heretic. But this as a premise to the rule they make on base of that, timeshifted here, seen as the first sentence and that it leads to the fascism they do gradually, is much more true to reality. Someone who is very exhausted and sleeps, feels a kind of sphere inside him, where he or she feels, that there are angels too, and they don’t give people there the might. They take away their freedom to become so angelic. But while there it were the parents, here it is altogether someone different, doing that, and that has to be differentiated precisely, not like they thought, silenced. There is still sillicon valley in certain places, where it is about managing online databases that are based on clouds. This is a very small circle too of learned people, of individuals who learned technologies that is then seen in their projects as this level of education that brings them together. It is not social plans that bring them together, but these social plans drive into grief and pain – by corporativism rather – in the other direction altogether. Waking someone up like that, is a kind of spezies of giving life afresh, since they not only miss the moment of doing that on the sick, since times immemorial, and don’t optimize that as doctors, but sillicon valley became some sort of requiem against the innocent. They shun truth here, exactly here, and nowhere else. If someone who reads that is not an individual, then he can aswell decide to spend his life full of lies, when he shakes that truth away by denieing the individual by the concept of class for example. Then he will find others who like that, but they don’t work for state. It was always so – remember – people were forced as philosophers to live lifes like Aristotle, while hunted by a group of men from state, that forced them to follow the path of the aquaeduct.

There is a group of people hidden in what they do – probably democrats – but i don’t know. They think, van Mises was about fighting the people from democracy, not from Luxor – the marxists that do central planning. They are voltairists, not democrats. This truth is too much to compile for all people. Being set back by someone drawing up some social plans is even worse and a great evil in our times that has to be reserved as data for the one who lives through it one to one mapped, not observed by some group of people that can use then the same words, while evil lingers because of them. When the truth is too much to compile, it is also one to one relationship that they are torturing people, and that they are them.

Thoughts against democracy

Something that is known – becomes by the host of authors existing, more existing than them – by democracy, and also by church socialism, via the social nexus, when topics are made in journals that only are in churches laying. These journals are made by the same devils – that torture people too – by these voltairists that engage feminists. By aggravating via democracy by normality, something that is known, they aggravate by it not the ideal of Eva or what she went through, neither do they help by being nonprofit – but it aggravates by normalcy – something evil – since something that is known is by being aggravated via democracy, coming in its evil version that is original to where even from it comes from. There are three very much autisticly held ways the people think about that all, not more or less than that, but only three. One see it simple as the reality there, others see in it the monetary part, like when described here, and much others, act like ghosts to it. The doctors in our times, they don’t have this skill belonging to these technological people there, described above. They all the time turn in a catallacticism of the market, that makes their actions repetitive rather, and can’t change, that people always search for error handling solutions, and the dictators in power all take them away there where they want it exactly in society, as representators of the state who is a monopolist. People are naive. It is only one in a million who admits that he needs error handling, and he seems always illuminated – not illicit – like the state. The state makes sustainability, with basic needs – needs that he thinks are all the time present and primary – while they are not primary and preference is primary. The state is illegal. From the money you get from it each month, 200 dollars at least go into the pocket of an investment banker. Where things did not stop existing, they still work. They still work all the time. When something did not stop working, it still works – and this is what is basic about it and how more complexity does not exist. In places gentlemen live that are already free to choose everything in life, it is visible that it is not freedom or friendships that lead to profit, that is there, like in rich and known places with solistice, but that it is evil somehow acting that holds them together and lets them profit. Age and such, the difference between light and shadow where you stand. People using might, they hate capitalism, because it always proves that there is something existing against this choice, even when all say preference is gone, and not exists, and even agree with eachother. It is fun to people basing their lifes on observation, for example, to be defaced when they are them. But nobody defaces corruption, which is strange. The real laughing people behind the mask, they get never defaced. They based their work on sustainability that the state put them in. But they get this support and never get defaced, never. In truth, the weak and the strong always get equated by torturers in thoughts, while never in writing. Still in tradition of King David. Many young people like to play him too, which is not fun when you know they are driven by corruption and you believe that while not remembering whom they play. The power of love is stronger than a knights armor. All these objects – sports bags, metals, all this stuff gets remembered by a bakery in our times that it somehow makes it come from these times. All kinds of shops have a kind of rememberance to these dark times. One cannot go wrong keeping that history as a guiding star of some sort, but there will always be these people, that claim a guiding star can’t exist in history. Against this one has to fight too. Because many people go around with that in mind. In truth, the young students reciting Shakespeare, are all statists, and i know what they care about – which is too much on all kinds of stupid things. There was some sort of people that managed for youth peace, and they claim they created the state or create it each time new. They are them. They are not right, because the state is against this peace in truth as a concept. Even war, has in it elements of profit only, when someone dies for example, because somehow shaked for a few moments some bulletts, this is the same, unfair, like all the other things it comes from in economical terms.

Toth holds as its secret a kind of kaleidoscopic host of creatures that only get visible in togetherness, like in the jungle, when you add a copy of each identical photo of it, and center it around the axis there, which nobody seemed to know. To somehow manage to see in it the egyptian pharaon’s fear of stopping equilibrium, gets harder and harder then. But you see, nobody acknowledges it neither is it possible to speak about it with others, fearing their corruption, which they put in place on purpose. Everywhere you deface these bastards, you fight against police itself or fear it has something to do with them and it seems too easy to do it. But the chance to deface someone is rare, and lingers for many years unused. These people that have fun being defaced they have fun „defacing of some sort“ capitalism too. But they are still not there, like the marxists. These i talk about who get defaced and have fun, because they observe, they get mixed by them yet they never are them consumers. They may profit by you not knowing that word „defacement“ over long spans of years, but when it was made on them, it is agreeable as helping capitalism by even them – by all people. Later you fear only the corruption, not the criminals that could come later. But nobody teaches that and fear lingers therefore over the same years and you get still held by communists everywhere the state is.

The epistemology of living day to day, in capitalism, is of course, that you need to see it first. A young female blonde, can do thousands of things each day, for as little as 20 dollars. But she needs to have safety in doing that each day, not problems made by parents for example, or their economic standing or their issues; the same is true automatically for young humans. A young individual that loves her or her freedom, may choose the same road, and has then rather soon problems made by sociology in our society. She records her day for safety on her mobile phone, he follows her in what she is doing, but needs no safety as a male. They subventioned, help her, record, and don’t know that they mean all the time the companies that create these possibilities to record and call. In that anonymity a lot of economic issuees made, can result in very crappy situations for the young youth who follows that lifestyle. Where she gets problems by patents, made, he gets problems by parents made, only because of evil acting against Romans in the bible or other books. The price for these anonymities is the same as the danger; and as democracy makes all young people comfortable against culture, it is true. Not many people, join the lifestyle of a gentleman. He is living against all demons, and when he goes outside, to walk a few minutes, he does that well dressed and also against Baal worship at the same time. Young people or all people simply miss that moment and let it pass and are not encouraged to this by democracy, to be like the gentlemen. The young man gets blockades made by all kinds of things, especially by Leninism in the household, and anticapitalists, that seem to start to join others in anticapitalistic observation against a single individual. This is lack of culture, still. Everything that stands in the way of good behavior, no matter what people may think, truth is against them there. Because either someone is a gentleman or starts to live in freedom like that, or not, and he is not a gentleman then. Either something is, or something is not, therefore. You can’t expect from a global trait-research on the individual, anything than terrorism made by state, for, this is truly terrorism and against humanity then and unfairness creationing by unobserved others. All value-changes in attributes, that are appearently well-managed by others (who always like to order for them in silence), when they change, when they become unexpected, they create the feeling that something is terrorism. In poor families, these values change a lot and always by unfairness against the individual. It is in economics made, simply always unfair, what happens in life there. Seeing someone having all, while evil lingers, and seeing oneself having nothing, this is a fight against terror made by banks. Human preference always may change by choice, not by chance. They, are against it. They proclaim, from a socialist perspective, that it changes by chance. Human choice always may change. This is called preference. It can be at once the same way, they wish, and nobody has then a right to proclaim anything. There is someone evil that only acts on an industrial hill where nothing is, and he is always acting against economics. He is evil as a character and the bible is against him. When preference can change so it reflects the choice they wish happens, it makes their rules absolete, since they always act for him, not knowing it, by telling, conspiracy theorists are wrong, and it is wrong to listen on teachers such as Hoppe or Mises. Preference may change, but that proves, that they are against freedom. Because when they set rule, they are limiting freedom, since it is something, they make, to hold that down by wishing it over long period of time, to be upheld.